A limited number of people used to celebrate Valentines Day time in India a decade back. But now, almost every person remains eager to enjoy this occasion with great joy.

5 Responses to “Valentines Day in India Has Now Become Hi-Tech to Celebrate”

  • Sriram R:

    Its our first valentine’s day like a husband and wife however i do not have anything to purchase him anything…any suggestions??

  • Agent 47:

    I’m tossing a Valentine Day Party, and I’m not sure things to serve. I’d rather not get pizza, because that’s type of expansive and I’ve got a kinda low quality. Does anybody have Valentine Day ideas or recipesfor food will be able to use for snacks, deserts, and drinks.

    Thanks <3

  • Mike:

    happy Valentine’s day to any or all!!!!!

  • Tyler H:

    When and why did people start giving chocolates on valentine’s day? What is the story behind it?

  • ttocs:

    This season is going to be me and my men first valentine’s day together and that i have no clue things i is deserving of him :( plus his birthday is 2 days after valentine’s day so its a tough situation lol. At valentine’s day we’d have only been dating for just two several weeks then. any ideas things to get him?!

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